Changes since Webmin version 2.40

Virtualmin Virtual Servers
Fixed bug related to multiple IF- blocks for the same variable in templates.
Added support for Qmail+LDAP as a new mail system. If selected, all mail users and aliases will be stored in LDAP automatically. Thanks to Omar Amas for sponsoring this feature.
Added extra domain owner limits to force sub-domains to be under parent domains, and to prevent renaming.
Added support for Qmail+VPOPMail as a new mail system. When enabled, all mailboxes and aliases are created in VPOPMail instead of using Unix users. Thanks to Linulex for sponsoring this one.
When editing the forwarding destinations for email to a user, the user's mailbox can be explicitly selected as a destination.
On the server template page, default aliases for new users in domains using that template can be specified.
Added an option to exclude the logs directory from backups.
The default MySQL database name, wildcard and allowed hosts can now be set on the server templates page.
A virtual server can now have more than one MySQL or PostgreSQL database, which can be managed using the Edit Databases button on the Edit Server page. Thanks to Olimont for sponsoring this feature, and the backup changes.
The script can now create sub-servers and alias servers too.
Added a Module Config option to have domain and mailbox users created in other modules.
Added options on the restore page to fix up the DNS and Apache IP addresses when restoring. Useful when transferring a domain from another server.