Changes since Webmin version 2.30

Virtualmin Virtual Servers
Fixed several bugs related to creating and restoring backups.
Moved bandwidth graphs to separate page, and added mode to show sub-domain usage.
Added the command-line script.
Added button to domain editing page for viewing latest Webalizer report.
Implemented support for using LDAP to store domain and mailbox users and groups, by calling functions in Webmin's LDAP user management module. Requires that the system be set up to use LDAP for NSS and PAM.
Clash checking is now done when enabling new features for an existing server.
When creating a server, if a feature fails for some reason the rest will still be processed. This avoids the problem of a server being partially created and unknown to Virtualmin.
Similarly, when deleting a server any failure will be ignored, to avoid the problem of features being left around when the server has been removed from Virtualmin.
A database name can be specified when creating a server, rather than the default which is computed from the domain name.
Added form on plugins page for editing the configuration of plugins that have a file.
Added the and script, for activating and turning off features for a virtual server from the command line.
Added the and scripts, for updating server owner limits from the command line.
Created the Custom Fields page, for defining your own fields that can be edited for each virtual server.
Added a button to the Edit Server page for displaying just the usage for that server. This is available to server owners as well as the master administrator.
Added a new limit for domain owners to prevent them from choosing the name for new domain databases.