Changes since Webmin version 2.00

Virtualmin Virtual Servers
Added an option to the BIND DNS Template page for selecting a view to add new zones to.
Added automatic IP address allocation for virtual servers, out of ranges defined on the Module Config page.
A Virtualmin server owner can now create and own multiple domains, if allowed by the master administrator. All such servers are owned by the same Unix user and share the same quota, and any sub-servers are stored in the domains subdirectory of the parent server's home directory. Each server can have its own independent set of features. When a limit on the number of mailboxes has been set, it will apply to the master server and all sub-servers.
Added an option to the Apache Website Template page for entering an Apache user to be added to the group for all new servers. This can be useful for getting suexec to work.
Added Module Config options to have features disabled by default for new servers.
Added Manage SSL Certificate page for creating a CSR and installing a signed SSL certificate using simple forms.
Added Change Domain Name page for modifying the name of an existing virtual server. This can also update the server's Unix login and home directory at the same time, if needed. All sub-servers of the modified server are also updated, where appropriate.
When restoring a virtual server, if it no longer exists it will be automatically re-created with all the original features before the restore is done.