Changes since Webmin version 1.91

Virtualmin Virtual Servers
Catchall mail aliases can now forward mail for any mailbox at their domain to the same mailbox at another domain.
Added module configuration options to prevent domain owners from being given access to feature-related modules like Apache Webserver, BIND DNS Server and so on.
Added checks to prevent an alias or mailbox being created which clashes with an existing Sendmail or Postfix alias.
Added a Module Config option to set the subdirectory used for mailbox user home directories, instead of always using ~/homes.
Added Module Config option to specify an different IP address to use in the DNS domain, versus the one used for the webserver.
Added the ability to backup and restore to via SSH, as well as FTP.
Added a new feature for Virtualmin domains - virtual FTP hosting with ProFTPd. Like Apache virtual hosts, these will be created when the feature is enabled for domain, using directives taken from an editable template. Due to limitations in the FTP protocol, a domain can only have a virtual FTP server if it has its own private IP.