Changes since version 1.81

Virtualmin Virtual Servers
A Sendmail genericstable or Postfix canonical mapping file can be automatically updated with login name to email address mappings. This is useful for programs like Usermin, which can read such a file to work out From: addresses.
The directory for Webalizer statistics can be set on the Apache Website Template page.
Domain owners can be granted access to the Read User Mail module, for reading mailboxe's mail.
The port to use for normal and SSL virtual websites can now be set on the Apache Website Template page.
Virtual servers can now be backed up to one or many tar.gz files, either locally or on a remote FTP server.
Backups can also be restored from these tar.gz files, again locally or from an FTP server.
The MySQL feature now properly supports usernames longer that 16 characters.
A new configuration option has been added for sites that use multiple IP addresses, but always use name-based Apache virtual hosts.
Username length and other restrictions are now checked by the script.
Virtualmin now participates in Webmin action logging, so you can see what actions were taken and which files they changed.
IP address clash checking for new servers now actually works.
Webalizer configuration files and schedule can now be included in backups.